Salespeople Welcome

Whether you’re starting out in a Sales career or starting over, you need sales training.

If you’re constantly advancing your skills and knowledge in your chosen profession of Sales, then you’re falling behind your competitors.

Let’s say you had to go into the hospital for something serious — heart or brain surgery. You’d want an excellent surgeon with both experience and up-to-date knowledge of the latest technology and procedures. You wouldn’t just want the doctor who graduated from medical school 25 years ago and let that knowledge stagnate by never learning another skill or about new surgical tools and prescriptions, right?

Your employers need the same thing from the sales teams they hire, and frankly so do your clients and prospects. How many of you are still using tired old tie-downs and closes you learned back in the early days of manipulative selling techniques?

If you got all of your sales training from pre-internet rickety old cassette tapes, You Need Sales Training!

Don’t get me wrong.
There’s great value in knowing those old techniques. Like many others, it’s where I got my start, but if you haven’t updated your verbiage, your platform, or the tools you utilize in your process then you’re going to be tagged as out of touch, out of date, and out of luck in meeting your sales goals by the very people you’re trying to serve.

I invite you to click through this site and read some of the articles, watch some of the videos, check out some of the recommended products, visit the linked websites, and see if you can find just one or two new ideas or tools or techniques that you can start using today in order to positively impact your career (and your sales commissions!) tomorrow.