Affiliate Disclosure

When you’re in the profession of Sales they train you to look at the fineprint, right?

Well, there are no hidden agendas on this site (the agenda is up front and right out in the open) — this site was created to earn a money. Moolah. Dough-ray-me. Dollah-dollah-bill-yo. is a collection of articles, links, videos, and products all designed to help you improve your results as a professional salesperson, learn new skills and techniques, and find resources to make you more successful in your sales career.

But, I’m in Sales too…

If there is a link to an external site in a product review, article, video, or any other content you find on this site, it is safe to assume it is an Affiliate Link. Affiliate links are an easy way for websites like this one to earn a little extra money as a referral commission if you decide to buy the product. Commissions vary depending on the product or service you buy, but any potential affiliate commission this site receives doesn’t impact how much you pay for the product (affiliate commissions come from them as the seller, not you as the buyer). In most cases you’re paying the exact same price everyone else does — sometimes you may even pay a little less when when discounts are tied to special promotions that are featured on this site.

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